Pacesetter Team Performance Workshop

You know the feeling.  Your project is teetering on the edge of disaster.  A run of setbacks has the team struggling to stay on track, and you’ve just found out that the equipment you need for the next phase will be six weeks late.  What happens now?

Your career is defined by how well your team performs.  You need a highly engaged team that can succeed no matter what challenges they face.  We believe in creating a culture where great performance happens every day.  A culture where your team members want to go the extra mile to deliver outstanding results.  And we know how to do it.

  • Companies with high levels of sustained engagement – cultures of folks willing and able to go the extra mile for each other – have operating margins up to three times higher than other businesses.
  • Highly engaged employees are almost 80 percent more likely to be top performers.
  • Engagement is infectious – it leads to higher employee satisfaction, happier customers, and attracts better talent and helps retain top performers.
  • Sustained engagement happens when team members are committed to the team’s success because they are aligned on their vision, values, and purpose.

Engagement can be created and sustained, but it doesn’t happen by magic.  It takes up front investment and ongoing care and feeding.  That’s why we created Pacesetter.  Pacesetter aligns teams on shared vision, values, and purpose to create a culture of outstanding performance and a roadmap for staying on course.

  • We combine the latest industry research with our extensive leadership experience to dramatically increase and sustain engagement
  • In Pacesetter, we take your team on a journey to:
    • Create a shared understanding of how perception and styles affect teamwork.  Then we use this understanding to enhance team communication, clarity, and effectiveness.
    • Develop shared vision and values, so that everyone is aligned on the North Star, and how to get there.
    • Bring it all together through experiential exercises, culminating in each team member pledging what they will do to contribute to the team’s success.
    • Create a roadmap for sustaining engagement over the life of your project, business cycle, or change effort.

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