“I engaged Positive Disruption to help up level my team of technology directors and technology strategic planners in the art of storytelling.

The team was already good at gathering the facts, however, needed to be more effective at communicating the “story” behind the data and moving stakeholders and teams to action. Positive Disruption facilitated the team through a three part workshop over the course of three quarters with prep and homework for each session. The results have been incredible. Each participant has evolved their skills in their own way, and the team has been celebrated after this year’s round of strategic planning cycles as being best in class in driving compelling strategy through effective storytelling. “

Randy Lyons
Senior Director, Geographies, Portfolio, and Strategy, Direct to Consumer Technology
Sports and Apparel company 


“Kim LaFever shows up with the ability and enthusiasm to inspire participation.

She knows how to bring people together in an engaging exchange.I experience her as being thoughtful and grounded. She brings a confidence to the group that helped everyone feel at ease. I recommend Kim as a leader and facilitator.”

Nita Bryant
Transformational Agent


“I worked with Positive Disruption for several months to address some team inefficiencies.

They helped us understand each other, our team dynamics and brought focus to the core challenges that needed to be addressed. They were very flexible in the moment and throughout the many follow-up meetings. As a result of the workshops and and the structure they created with us for accountability, the team implemented a new scaled agile framework for planning and intake. The improvements increased the team’s velocity and lowered the amount of integration issues between teams, making it easier for work to get done.”

John Lance
Digital Consumer Technology Director
Pacific-Northwest Sports and Apparel company 


“Kim helped me become a more compelling storyteller.

I’ve always loved reading and writing, so I considered myself well-versed in storytelling – but there was so much more for me to learn! Because of the framework she provided, I feel more composed and at ease when crafting and presenting stories. She outlined specific tools and techniques to really take my game to the next level. Thanks, Kim!”

Hannah Munger
Geography, Portfolio, + Strategy – Business Operations
Sports and Apparel industry


“Positive Disruption was instrumental in leading us on our Insights Journey.

This provided the team the opportunity to learn more about their own personal working style/communication preferences and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for how others think and work. The results of this training have been significant and has brought us closer together to achieving our goals of becoming a high performing team. Their training methods and passion for the subject and participants are highly effective! They make the learning fun and highly results oriented!”

Todd Gieber
North America Technology Portfolio & Operations Director
Pacific Northwest-based Sports and Apparel company 


“Positive Disruption helped us create the team dynamics to increase our comfort with addressing items that were “below” the conversation.

They brought expertise in the areas of effective communication, personal insights, problem-solving, teaching a team to have fun while working, pragmatism, and how to apply it in the workplace. After working with them, it was easier for our team to raise and resolve issues, we were able to move more quickly as a result of a better understanding of each other.

Dan Shull, Chief Information Officer
Signet Jewelers


“My team recently brought Kim in to help us hone our storytelling skills.

Here are a few of the benefits I gained: She shared an easy to understand storytelling format that I am using today. She shared tips on how to incorporate visuals to help the audience see my story. I learned less is more and what to do if I was losing the audience. Now when I need to share information to a group, I tell a story, thanks to Kim.”

Lori Heironimus
Business Operations Manager
Pacific Northwest-based Sports and Apparel company 


“I have known Kim for over 6 years. Kim is an exceptional facilitator – she eases her audience into the topic area with extremely interesting and intriguing anecdotes.

She leads interactive discussions and extracts the best participation/insights from everyone. Kim puts a tremendous amount of preparation into the sessions she leads. As a colleague, participant in sessions, and as a co-facilitator, I have watched her seek and generate excellence from everyone on the teams she managed and the groups she facilitated. Kim is a master artist at designing the flow of the discussions to make them seamless and integrated.”

Savi Sharma
Sports and Apparel Industry, Director