Fast Lane to High Performing Teams

It seems like it would be great to be from the south, and not just for the biscuits. Why? Mainly because of people like Dr. Phil. When he says something like, “You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge,” we all just shake our heads in agreement, “Yup, he’s right.” “Foundations are built, they don’t just…Continue Reading

Listening: The Secret Sauce to Great Results

Listening: The Secret Sauce to Great Results “When one person is doing most of the talking, no one is listening – not even the person talking.”  – Kim LaFever It’s the Meeting from Hell (MTH) and we’ve all been there.  You know, the one where someone, or maybe two people, dominate the air time. Meanwhile, the…Continue Reading

What to Do When Your Work Looks Nothing Like the Ad?

What to Do When Your Work Looks Nothing Like the Ad? You know those “lifestyle brand” ads you see where all the people look healthy, vibrant, and radiantly blissful while doing yoga on the beach?  The ones where the people always look so fit and happy?  The ones you might envy and hate all at…Continue Reading

Happiness At Work

Happiness at Work Wouldn’t it great to feel happy at work most of the time and not just because it’s somebody’s birthday and there are cupcakes?  I’m working on a class for the Portland Underground Graduate School (PUGS) about happiness at work which has me pouring through literature on happiness, authenticity, team work, longevity and more.…Continue Reading

Culture Change is an Inside Job

Culture Change is an Inside Job Wouldn’t it be great if you could bring back the company culture you used to love? What can you do if the leadership books you’ve been reading aren’t making much of a difference? Do you ever feel stressed and exhausted a few days after your vacation and not know why? Would…Continue Reading

Do Unto Others – It Works!

8 AM.  The Lyft driver stops a few houses away.  There is momentary confusion as I wave him up to my house.  He jumps out and grabs my bag with apology.  I hop in the backseat and immediately have that moment of awkwardness: where are you expected to sit in a Lyft when you are on your own? As we…Continue Reading

High-Performing Teams: Fate, Chance, or Choice?

Friday night we went out with our neighbors to shoot pool and play pinball.  At some point during the evening, the conversation turned to how we’d met our partners.  My husband, Paul, is from Perth, Australia, one of the most remote cities in the world, and we met while he was working on a short-term…Continue Reading

Throughput is a Dirty Word

Let’s face it, if you know me even a little bit, you probably know about the swearing. Yes, mine. Not proud of it, and not making excuses. Growing up in a working class town near Chicago was a little like “The Sound of Music” where the hills (which are nonexistent), were alive with the sound of f-bombs! …Continue Reading

Agile Your Life: It Can Work for the Rest of Us, too

  We work with a lot of technology companies and over the years have come across many “hot new trends” to get stuff done. Some of these are short-lived (remember RUP?) while others linger on longer than they should (waterfall, anyone?). And then there’s Twitter, something I was convinced would be a passing fad. Only it didn’t go away so I jumped on…Continue Reading

Tis the Season to Get Real About 2018

Tis the Season to Get Real About 2018 Recently someone asked me to facilitate a multi-day innovation workshop for a large company. Those of you who know me, would probably say that sounds like a fun, creative project that is right in your wheelhouse!  And it was, except when it wasn’t. In PDX where Santa Rampages and Naked Bike Rides…Continue Reading

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