5 Dos and Don’ts for a Team Makeover

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What’s the before and after shot for your team? Lately I’ve been working with teams going through tough stuff: conflict, confusion, misunderstanding, things not getting done, you name it. I wish I had before and after shots of the teams I work with – you know, like the ones you see in magazines when someone or something gets a makeover? Since I don’t have photos (and wouldn’t share them even if I did), here’s my take on what’s in and what’s out when it comes to helping your team with a makeover this Spring.

What’s In?

  • Not jumping on the road together until you have at least some idea where you’re going.  It’s the ultimate recipe for the road trip from hell and probably the issue I see most often.
  • Slowing down in order to go fast. Everyone is moving so fast these days which is fine. Spending even a day or two getting clear on the vision, a bit of a plan, and a few ways we are going to get crap done together will save you weeks of time in the long run.
  • Just say no to landmines. Having  an explicit conversation (ideally with a neutral facilitator) about communication styles, team agreements, expectations, what works and what doesn’t goes a long way toward preventing unnecessary blow-ups.
  • Declaring a breakdown in order to have a breakthrough. Sometimes you’ve got to hit pause, have the tough conversations, and regroup.
  • Ask for help when you need it. Yes, really, even for the tough ones like us(or maybe especially for us).

What’s out?

  • Pretending everything is okay when it’s not. Don’t kid yourself, anyone with a pulse knows when things are in the crapper.
  • Continuing to work longer and harder because you have no idea what else to do anymore. You won’t find the answer at the bottom of a Crackerjack box at 2 AM.
  • Finger pointing and the blame game. Enough said.
  • Shying away from being seen. Sure, maybe we don’t need to know your deepest, darkest secrets, but we do want to know YOU.
  • Not asking this: what is left unsaid from the last 6 months (or whatever period) that is keeping us from moving forward? Sit back and quietly wait for the answer.

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  • What’s the one thing from this list you’re willing to try this month?
  • What’s the scariest thing on this list for you?

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  1. JD

    Hi Kim,

    Re: this bullet point:

    “Not asking this: what is left unsaid from the last 6 months (or whatever period) that is keeping us from moving forward? Sit back and quietly wait for the answer.”

    What are you suggesting we ask? Or what are you suggesting we don’t ask?

    I’m really curious about this one, but I’m having a bit of trouble deciphering its meaning because there are four layers of negatives:

    * what’s out
    * not asking
    * unsaid
    * keeping us from moving forward

    Four negatives make two positivies, right? 😉

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