Write Your Own Manifesto – It Matters

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It’s early in another new year.  The holidays are behind us and many of are trying to get back in the groove, wondering what’s up. Why am I here?  What did I leave undone?  How can I make this year different, better, less stressful, more fun than last year?  The answer: write your own manifesto, your rules to live by for this year and possibly the rest of your life. You can do it solo as a personal expression of who you want to be or as part of a partnership, family, work, community or other group, or team.

Why write a manifesto?

They are short, punchy, and easy to remember.
It provides you with an ongoing north star.
Helps you ask does this decision, idea, behavior, etc. fit who I am as expressed through my manifesto?
Not everyone has one (but they should).
It’s fun, easy, and cheap (and who doesn’t like fun, easy, AND cheap?).

How do you do it?

Sit butt down in chair or other stable object.
Get comfy. Turn off the devices and cat meows.
Put pen, pencil, crayon, or blood to paper.

Write. Short, fun, punchy headlines – express what you want create in your life.
Our manifesto includes the headline “Do-Be-Do-Be-Doto remind us that we are more than just our doing.
Write a sub-statement (or two). Further elaborate on the headline so it’s clear what the intended belief or behavior might be.
For “Do-Be-Do-Be-Do” the sub-statement reminds us that “being” is equally if not more important as “doing” if we are to lead an extraordinary business and thus, an extraordinary life.

Keep it short and sweet.  Remember those company mission statements that drone on forever?  Of course you don’t actually remember them. This is not what you are. A good manifesto will likely include no more than between 250-500 words.  Take a look at ours here which is right on about 400 words.

Write a bit more. Feel it.  Be inspired. Go all in.  Dare greatly.  Don’t hold back.  Declare it.  Edit it. Seek feedback. Edit it again.  And then…

Now what?

Share it! Share it with everyone and anyone who will read it. Post it where you can see it often. Live it and watch what happens.  Live it long enough and large enough to know whether a few more tweaks are needed or when perhaps, it’s time to play even bigger.

Want a kickstart?

Attend our webinar and we’ll help you get started.  On March 5th at 4 PM we’ll be offering a free 60-minute webinar get your motor running.  Email info@positivedisruption.com if you want a spot and details will be sent.

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