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I love checking out personal and professional growth offerings and sharing the good stuff. Here you’ll find book, videos, and seminars and other resources that are truly awesome.  I get nothing for these endorsements, it’s  just stuff I love! 

Free Meditations from Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey
If you’ve been contemplating checking out meditation or want to try again, check out a free sample meditation from Deepak and Oprah. At least twice a year they offer a free 21-Day Meditation series on a specific theme. I love these because they are short, somewhat guided, and Deepak’s voice is music to my ears.

The Human Systems Institute with Jane Peterson
Jane’s Constellation Workshops are one of the most amazing things I’ve experienced in personal and professional development. All of us are involved in living systems such as a family or work groups. Constellation work bridges what your heart and gut know with the issues your mind has been trying to solve in a way that brings clarity and strength to move forward. Find articles, events, and more at the Human Systems Institute website.

Change Your Impact
Understand nonverbal communication as a means to lasting change. Michael Grinder is the world’s foremost expert in teaching how what you do with your body can help you make the impact you really want. Catch him online and around the globe.

You Are Enough
Marissa Peer is funny, insightful and keeps it real. What if we really all did believe that we are enough?  This video will change your life.

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