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The Communication Toolkit for Technical Leaders

Most technology professionals know that communication is just as important as the technical aspects of our work.  And let’s face it, there are times when we’d all like to hide behind our devices in order to get something said, but we can’t.  GeekSpeak is a 1-day course that provides the toolkit you need to truly share your message with the rest of the world (or even your team). We’re excited to leverage Insights Discovery™ in this workshop to provide you with a 20-page report all about you: how you show up, how you might perceive others, and how to adapt and connect for the best possible results!

Who Should Take The Course?

This course is designed for technology professionals who find it hard to interact directly with other people, especially those who aren’t in technology.  It’s great for individual contributors and leaders who may be somewhat (or largely) introspective, who want to be more effective getting their point across in a largely extroverted world.

In this 1-day course, GeekSpeak, we’ll teach you about your communication style using the Insights Discovery™ model and how to leverage the best of what you’ve already got. We’ll work on recognizing other people’s communication styles and how to adapt to them, and we’ll use some of the most recent advances in training and neuroscience to make the changes stick.  You’ll leave with your Insights profile as well as the tools to apply what you’ve learned.

By increasing awareness of our own communication style, as well as the signals others send us, we can adapt our message to best suit the situation and improve results.  This course solves that problem by presenting a communication framework in a logical, easy to follow way.

April 29 class is sold out! Contact us to bring GeekSpeak to your workplace.

What are the benefits?

  • Learn more about yourself and your style
  • Understand the most common communication styles
  • Learn how to adapt and connect with others
  • Manage your emotions under pressure
  • Get your Insights Discover profile with info about your communication style, decision-making style, strengths, and more!
  • Learn key tips and tricks to communicate with technical and non-technical people
  • The best ways and times to use: email, IM, meetings, phone calls, texts – including email communication dos and don’ts
  • Become more skilled at executive-level communication
  • Understand how to get the most from your direct reports or teammates
  • Build the fundamentals to communicating across the organization
  • Create driver/motivator skills to develop greater accountability in your team
  • Learn the most effective model for sharing vision so your  team fully understands how their jobs contribute to achieving company goals

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