Owning Your Career Part 2

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Owning Your Career – Part 2

Last month we started our conversation on career mapping so that you can ave the career and life of your dreams!  We use a simple 4-step process – Reflect – Assess – Define – Engage – that makes it easier than ever.  Since we tackled the Reflect process already, let’s move on to Assess, Define, and Engage and get you on your way.

Think about the jobs or roles you have had, even if they have been unpaid.  Consider the skills that were called on in those roles.  What were you good at?  What did you do less well?  What was it about your jobs that you enjoyed?  What are some things about the jobs that you didn’t enjoy?

Now, spend a few minutes to Assess: 

  • How am I performing in my current role?
  • What skills and behaviors are most critical to my success?
  • How would I assess myself against those skills and behaviors?
  • How would my manager assess me?
  • What skills do I need to gain in my current role?

You may not be able to answer all the questions in one sitting.  And that’s OK. You don’t even have to go to the next step yet which would include doing some exploration about jobs and roles that might have some of the things that you love doing and are good at (the things that fill you up) and less of the stuff that stresses you out or bores you.  But if you are ready to take the next steps…

Keep the momentum going and head straight into Plan: 

  • What are my long term career aspirations?
  • What are my gaps?
  • What skills & experience do I need?
  • Who has these skills & experiences that I can learn from?
  • What do I value?
  • What is my passion?

If you are able to answer even some or all of these questions, it’s time to begin engaging others who can help you along your way.  Set up time to talk to your manager, perhaps meet with other peers or mentors.

Share the results of your planning so far and Engage.  Set up time with your manager and others and ask:   

  • How does your manager or mentor see your skills?
  • What do they think your are good at?  What are your opportunities?
  • What would they recommend as next steps or critical experiences?
  • How have they moved forward or seen others do so?
  • What would they suggest?

The worst feedback in the world is the sugar-coated kind (you can tweet me on this)!  Ask for input and candid feedback – and really mean it.  If you have a good manager, peer or mentor, prepare to hear some things that may be a little hard to hear but worthwhile.  Thank them for talking straight and being supportive.

And don’t stop there.  Put together a list of other people in your organization and beyond and seek them out.  Find out how they advanced.  Get more input.  Put together a career or brand map and further your intention, conversations, and engagement.  This is what is known as 100% committed and completely unattached and it’s also how it get’s real, how it happens.

Share your success, we want your stories!  We have a great way to help you capture your career map and brand – more to come for sure.

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