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Some Changes Feel, Pure and Simple

Some Changes Feel Bad, Pure and Simple “Change is an event; it’s neither good nor bad.”  As soon as someone tells you that, you know they are full of BS! Last month we talked about reorgs and how to survive one.  But what happens when you are the one who gets laid off, or it’s your…Continue Reading

How to Survive a Re-org

How to Survive a Re-org A few years ago, I worked for large, global company near Portland, that is well-known for its products and ubiquitous logo. One day, we were told that headwinds in the economy (remember 2009, everyone?) meant there would be a company-wide reorganization soon. For several months we watched as our leaders went missing…Continue Reading

Owning Your Career Part 2

Owning Your Career – Part 2 Last month we started our conversation on career mapping so that you can ave the career and life of your dreams!  We use a simple 4-step process – Reflect – Assess – Define – Engage – that makes it easier than ever.  Since we tackled the Reflect process already, let’s move…Continue Reading

DIY: Live the Life You Love with a Career Map

DIY: Live the Life You Love with a Career Map The job market has been HOT the last year or so and yet many people feel edgy, like we are living in uncertain times. Maybe it’s the summer heat or the crazy politics in Washington. who knows!  Whatever the reason, there is one thing you can…Continue Reading

Power to the People – It’s Not A Generational Gap

Power to the People – It’s Not A Generational Gap “To Give Anything Less Than Your Best is to Sacrifice the Gift.” – Steve Prefontaine Last month we talked about Millennials in the workplace and debunked a few myths.  I also promised to continue the theme and focus on the other workplace generations this month. Since then,…Continue Reading

The Rise of Millennials at Work

Recently I went to Vegas to speak at an HR Strategy a conference. I was so zero chill about this trip because: Well, it’s Vegas of course, YOLO (You Only Live Once) If I hadn’t accepted the gig it would have led to a major FOMO (Fear of MIssing Out) Okay, okay, some of you probably have…Continue Reading

3 Secrets to Handling Awkward Moments at Work

“Hey, do you have a minute? I want to run something by you.  But, it’s really important that you keep this confidential.” “Can I talk to you about something? I’ve got this situation going on but this has got to stay between you and me.” People tell me things. All the time.  Despite the double…Continue Reading

The 9 Drivers of Employee Engagement

Why do some teams fall apart under pressure, when other teams overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and keep getting stronger?  It’s not just about the people.  Teams stacked with great talent often still fail to get past major challenges.  And having a strong leader isn’t enough either.  To deliver truly outstanding results, your team needs a…Continue Reading

Stop the Madness!

Most of us are shit at our jobs right now.  I said it because no one else will. All year, great clients have sent so much opportunity my way that I’ve been super busy with projects. Weekends include at least one day catching up on what didn’t get done during the week. Overall it’s been an intense year and…Continue Reading

The Clearinghouse of Awesomeness

I love checking out personal and professional growth offerings and sharing the good stuff. Here you’ll find book, videos, and seminars and other resources that are truly awesome.  I get nothing for these endorsements, it’s  just stuff I love!  Free Meditations from Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey If you’ve been contemplating checking out meditation or want to try again, check out…Continue Reading

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