We work with a lot of technology companies and over the years have come across many “hot new trends” to get stuff done. Some of these are short-lived (remember RUP?) while others linger on longer than they should (waterfall, anyone?). And then there's Twitter, something I was convinced would be a passing fad. Only it didn't go away so I jumped on the wagon late and have learned to love it (come follow me on Twitter!). One thing we’ve heard a lot about in the last … [Read more...]

Dog flying with a cape

What’s the one thing all superheroes seem to have in common? They go from being average, vulnerable, and maybe even a little nerdy, to being superheroes in a matter of seconds.  The next time you need to make a quick change in your team, wouldn’t it be great if you could step into a phone booth and step out a few minutes later with everything in place? Or, start getting better results in minutes or days instead of months? I've asked the Superheroes of Change Management and they weighed … [Read more...]