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As we approach the holidays, I am reminded of the magic of this season and just how often seemingly random events are anything but random. It started simply enough with a cup of tea, a tea bag with little quotes on the tab. I tend to think of them as daily fortunes, like the ones you get in fortune cookies. Just like those cookies, if I don’t like what is says I ignore it, and if I do, I assume it’s true. This morning’s tea bag said: “Our thoughts are forming the world.” And with that I knew: it’s time to talk about synchronicity.

With the winter solstice just around the corner, I invite each of us to witness the magic in our lives. Let’s start with the magic of synchronicity. You know that feeling when two or more things happen that seem unlikely or unrelated and yet you somehow feel they are related? I think of it as convincing evidence that whatever I place my attention on grows stronger.

I’ll share a brief example. A few years ago, I created a small pilot group who worked through the book “The Dream Manager” by Matthew Kelly. Working with this group was truly inspiring and in the process I defined a lot of my own dreams and began advancing them. One of my dreams included assisting others to realize their dreams of personal growth and development. That same month I joined a business coaching group and met another man who runs a small business. I thought I might like to do some partnering with his company and I wanted to understand their service offering better. During our meeting I made a reference to the Dream Manager and he quickly told me his company had been based on this premise and they even had a Dream Optimizer assigned to each employee. That is what I mean by synchronicity: seemingly unrelated events or coincidences that brought us together and then had me mention this one random thing to him. But was it really random? There are lots of words you can use for it: synchronicity, kismet, coincidence, and maybe even magic. Fast forward a bit and that friend who I met by happenstance has played major part in my business by helping me realize my own dreams, and helping me stay the course in leading a revolution of positive change and healing in the business world.

So, let’s see what magic you can create in the next month. Why not experiment with synchronicity and experience it in action? As we approach the year-end, it’s a great time to take stock and focus on:

  • 3 Things You are Most Thankful for This Year (bonus points if you find 5 or more)
  • 3 Inspiring Wishes You Have for Others
  • 3 Dreams You Want to Manifest for Yourself

For each of the three areas, write down your list. If you are willing to be a little bold, I suggest you share them with others. Maybe read them to your family or friends one night over a nice meal. Place them somewhere you will see them often. Read them every day or as many days a week over the next month as you can. Then, just notice what happens and maybe even keep a little notebook to write down your observations. I am convinced that you will see more of your thanks, wishes and dreams manifesting in your life in the next month. You may notice people talking about things on your list; you may see you see articles in the news, or maybe even begin to notice that your teenage daughter really does listen to you (sometimes). I am not sure what your magic will be. What I know for sure is this: you will experience something powerful and amazing. Any experience that involves thanks, wishes, and dreams is pretty darn special and to me, that is magic!

Questions for comment:

What are you grateful for right now?
What is one wish you have for others?
What is one dream you have for yourself?


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