Insights Discovery:

We chose to become Licensed Practitioners of Insights Discovery because it’s a simple and accessible model that identifies and describes an individual’s unique preferences for things like communication, decision-making, and how they approach their work. Based on a short online survey, each participant receives a 22 page personality profile that identifies communication and decision-making style, possible strengths in those areas and areas for development. During the workshop, we’ll walk your team through a series of exercises designed to help your colleagues learn more about themselves, others, and how they might adapt their skills and behaviors to more easily connect with others. It’s fun, insightful, and delivers long-terms benefits starting the day of the workshop. Insights is based in the work of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung and is continually validated and refined by to ensure that it is always accurate and deeply insightful. Download a fact sheet here.


Managing Change and Transition

This workshop is designed to support teams and individuals navigate change as effectively as possible. It helps people understand the differences between change (the thing that’s happening) and transition (the way we respond to change) and learn why some types of changes are easier than others. Through exercises and discussions, team members learn how to recognize what stage of change they are in, where they have unresolved concerns, and identify effective organizational and personal strategies for dealing with change. When individuals know how to smoothly and effectively manage change they can stay focused, ensure key tasks stay on track, and embrace change as an opportunity instead of a burden.


Becoming a Master Storyteller

Gone are the days when people will willingly do something just because you put together a PowerPoint presentation with great facts and logic. Humans learn best through story. Story inspires. Story instructs. Story lays the path and sets the goal. Becoming a Master Storyteller teaches individuals and teams how to unite an idea (often your facts and logic) with emotion to help influence others to take on change. Through a series of fun, engaging, and highly relevant exercises, your team can build a culture of storytelling to more easily influence stakeholders, peers, and others. Learn how to tell stories that leverage the ways in which humans are hardwired to learn and remember things through the power of story. No previous storytelling skills required.


Giving Effective Feedback

Why do even the best managers avoid giving feedback? Because done poorly, it can be uncomfortable, feel awkward, and may result in conflict. Done well, it can satisfy your employees’ deep need to know how they are performing and to have clear instructions on how to course correct if needed. This workshop is designed for managers who realize that giving timely feedback is the best way to generate better results but may be unsure how to do so in a way that inspires rather than belittles. You will learn techniques that honor and value the individual’s strengths while targeting specific areas for improvement to create alignment and accountability for both you and the employee. You will learn whether your current approach is too hard or too soft, and how to adapt your approach to the unique motivational needs of others. More than anything, you’ll walk away with the tools and confidence to manage with courage so that you can inspire your team to grow and perform at its peak.

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