For months I considered writing a manifesto to describe Positive Disruption, the community we attract, how I hope to show up in the world – and declaring it. The time is NOW!  I hope you’ll spread the word.


Every one of us can be more than just our doing. Infinite possibilities exist in the stillness. Imagine a world where we do a bit less and yet, by exploring the stillness, we are much more.

Success: Our Only Option and Other Myths that Keep Us Small.

Everything we do should be the result of daring greatly. To have the courage to step out boldly and quickly, to make mistakes, learn, and know that we are successful if only for our trying. And trying again.

YOU are the Star of Your Own Show.

It really is about you. It’s just not all about you. And no one can do it for you. Show up fully and run headlong into the arms of your vulnerability, joy, fear, and fundamental greatness.

Knowledge: It’s more than just your mind.

What would your elbow, gut, foot, or back have to say about your next BIG decision? Go on. Ask. I dare you.

Run, Forrest, Run.

Somebody has to be the one to go first: to take a stand, to say I love you, to posit a dream all the while knowing it may be met with silence. Nobody ever said that leading a revolution would be easy.

Home Sweet Home.

It’s the one thing you can take with you no matter where you go and it will always bring you back home: your breath.  Open your mind and breathe deep.

Slippery Slope: Dancing on the Inside.

Dancing on the outside really does lead to dancing on the inside. So does singing, playing with dogs, making yummy food, and sundry other acts of soul art.

The One Thing: They May be Numerous.

What’s the one thing you aren’t saying, doing, or being that would make all the difference? What could you seize right now to free you from a life of regret? Not for mistakes you have made or might make, but regret for not having tried? Go. Now. Yes, now. Don’t Wait.

Road Construction.

We’re all on a journey. It’s up to each of us to take the road that leads closer to home no matter what and where that may be.

Our Fearless(ful) Leader.

Leaders lie awake at night wondering and scared sometimes, too. Good leaders get up the next day, face their fears and keep going. Still breathing? Great! Then change your underwear and amble merrily forward.

Amble Merrily Forward.

For every day we get to choose, a little AMF goes a long way.

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